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Birthday: 1920-07-12
Joined: 2011-02-09
Status: artist
Country: New Zealand
Location: Paradise

Uploads: 6988
Layouts: 0

About Me: › I love to make lots of different Graphics
Request Status: › Always happy to Take Requests
Favourite Graphics: › I Love My Beach & Summer Graphics
Favourite Colours: › Purples, Pinks, Blues
Current Season: › Cold - Blustery - Rainy Days - It's WINTER
So Thankful For: › The Wonderful Friendships I have made on GG
My Birthday is: › the 12th of July
I Love to make new Friends from around the World so Please Feel Free to Add Me

Where I come From:

New Zealand is an Island Country & It lies in the Southwest Pacific
Ocean Our Country consists of two main Islands-the North Island
and the South Island and several dozen much smaller Islands.

We are over the International Dateline & that means that
we are a DIFFERENT SEASON & a DAY AHEAD of you
all in TIME, we are also the first Country
in the World to see the Sunrise. :-)
"Kia Ora & Haere Mai"
(Which means Welcome & Be Well)

Comments (8)

melissa writes:

Hello, Robbie! I wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you for your friendship. I appreciate the comments you leave on my page and the very kind ones you leave for my graphics and your votes. I am not able to be on here as much as I’d like, but I am trying to keep it steady this time! I wish I had more time to make graphics. Being here again has encouraged me to spend time, especially when I am under a lot stress or pressure, to relax and try relearning a lot I have forgot in PSP. The talent at Glitter Graphics is amazing! I have never seen so many talented artists in one place. It is such an inspiration to see the beautiful work on your graphics, your pages, and comments. The friendship among everyone here is one of the very best things about Glitter Graphics! I have always felt so welcomed.

I have made a 4th of July graphic for several of you that I have made for in the past, those who have created graphics for me, and everyone who has been so kind to me. I will happily make one for anyone here who would like one that I may not know. I look forward to meeting many more of you. Sorry for such a long wall of text, but I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel at home and sharing your wonderful talent with me.

I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend! Thank you again.

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
Just wanted to stop by to show you some Love and to say...

Love you,

lin60 writes:

Hello Robbie my sweets, how are you?? YES I am here today for a short while before I head to my meeting at school to talk about the upcoming school year and my position there. It has been a very hot summer thus far, but enjoying it just the same, loving my pool and will find time to get to the beach, just when you have your own tropical paradise right in your own back yard why go anyplace else?LOL, no really Kenny and I have been so busy here outside but soon we will head to our beach!! Your page is so pretty..So sad your summer is gone.. but Winter is nice too and before you know it, summer and Christmas will be here!! Time travels so fast these days!! In the meantime please take care, stay warm and enjoy life!! Love you my dear friend!! xoxox

halo42101 writes:

Good morning, Robbie! Thank you for asking how the rafting went for us. Laura & I didn't get far because the water was too shallow. So we just sat there, laughing & talking. Dragonflies kept landing on me & I saw a couple of dragonflies mating too for the first time. They looked like a heart passing by me, which was the coolest! Thank you for your the hope that all was okay & for saying you think I was so brave. It was the first time I did that! :)
You are most welcome for my love to Rota. Thank you for giving him an extra hug for me. :)
I pray you are blessed!


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