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Birthday: 1920-07-12
Joined: 2011-02-09
Status: artist
Country: New Zealand
Location: Paradise

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Mood › Blessed & Thankful With My Life
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Diabetes Awarenss is › The Month of November
Happy About › The Wonderful Friendships I have made on GG
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Where I come From:

New Zealand is an Island Country & It lies in the Southwest Pacific
Ocean Our Country consists of two main Islands-the North Island
and the South Island and several dozen much smaller Islands.
We are over the International Dateline & that means that
we are a DIFFERENT SEASON & a DAY AHEAD of you
all in TIME, we are also the first Country
in the World to see the Sunrise. :-)
"Kia Ora & Haere Mai"
(Which means Welcome & Be Well)

I have been doing some Cleaning out of my Friends List as many of you are no Longer Active,or have been
MIA for well over 12 months Please do let me know if you return to GG as I would love to re/add you.

Comments (9)

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
I hope you're doing well and your week is starting off on a happy note.
Sending lots of Hugs and Love your way.

brennybren writes:

Love your pretty page :) ♥

brennybren writes:

Hello dear Robbie :)
Hoping you have a really good week and everything goes your way :D
I completely agree with you Robbie regarding Trump!
I despise the man...such a disgrace, and certainly not good enough to be a president of any country...Vile man!
I am so thrilled for Amber, you & family :D
How marvellous that she was accepted :) you must all be so proud ♥ Do tell her how happy I am for her :)
Sending hugs to you :)

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for thinking of me & checking in to see how I'm doing, I'm okay I guess, still trying to cope & be there for my family. Hope your doing well.


jane writes:

Hey Robbie, how are you? Thanks for visiting, always love hearing from you. I'm doing good, still dealing with some issues but I think I'm changing my Dr., she is too slow on things and won't deal with all my paid till she gets around to it, one thing at a time she says. Meanwhile, I am in such pain every day I have to struggle to get things done. I liked the Dr. I had 1st there and she left so I'm following her, lol. But I'll be good to go soon, I hope. My blood pressure is back to more normal since she added 2 pills plus the one I already take. Got new cholesterol drug too, not sure why but hey I'm no Dr. Well, sorry to bore you with all that, I digressed, lol. Anyway your request has been uploaded and should be out shortly. So happy you liked that one, figured I better do a couple summer ones before Autumn arrives. Take care Robbie, hugs

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for sharing in our loss..., we are trying to keep strong, but it's not easy, we miss him terribly, but at least he's not suffering anymore & is in a better place, thanks for your thoughts & prayers, they are much appreciated.


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