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Birthday: 1920-07-12
Joined: 2011-02-09
Status: artist
Country: New Zealand
Location: Paradise

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Todays Date is 16/1/2019
Today is a Very Sad Day for Me and My Family as my
Darling Mum Passed Away this Morning, My Brother &
Sister and Myself are Heartbroken.Please Keep us in Your Prayers.
Im Sorry I am unable to do any Requests right now.

A Little bit about where I come From:
New Zealand is an Island Country & It lies in the Southwest Pacific
Ocean Our Country consists of two main Islands-the North Island
and the South Island and several dozen much smaller Islands.
We are over the International Dateline & that means that
we are a DIFFERENT SEASON & a DAY AHEAD of you
all in TIME, we are also the first Country
in the World to see the Sunrise. :-)
"Kia Ora & Haere Mai"
(Which means Welcome & Be Well)

I have been doing some Cleaning out of my Friends List as many of you are no Longer Active,or have been
MIA for well over 12 months Please do let me know if you return to GG as I would love to re/add you.

Comments (11)

fran writes:

My dearest Angel,
I'm so sorry to hear that your mom has passed away.
My heart is breaking for you and your family. Gosh Sweetie, this hurts so much...wish I could be there with you right now!

and thoughts.
I love you Sweetie very much!

sky4118 writes:

Good morning, Robbie! You are welcome for me displaying the graphic on my page. =) It's lovely! Thank you for the compliment on my page! I had fun making it as always. =)
I hope you & your family have a blessed day today!


shian writes:

Ps) your page looks all warm n inviting. Especially as I sit here in 1° ab8ve freezing. Brrr.. i especially love the background. I have always liked that girl, just don't remember seeing her in teal. My hair is now down to my knees, so any image with long brown hair i enjoy. Since they remind me of my own. ok, I'll hush now, am rambling lol. Hugs ❥

shian writes:

Good Morning.. i was voting & commenting when I saw your lovely gift to Jessi. I dont know if your accepting requests on these 2 down below but, if you are, i would love to have one with Shian on it. Oh on the dolphin (if you can still do that one) would you remove the text at the top and just put Shian down where your name is? Its a lovely graphic and i meant to request it back when you 1st did it but, forgot. My bad. Sorry.
Hope you have a wonderfull week. Hugs, Shii ❥

jane writes:

Hi Robbie, how's it going? I am so flattered you have a few of the graphics I made you on your page. It looks great by the way. We are having a bit of a winter snow storm. Looks so lovely but the cold can go anytime. I don't go out much in the winter anymore. It's so nice and cozy in the house, we have a fire going and I love it. Now to replace it with a nice hot summer sun to lie in would be great. But life goes on right? I hope you are having some nice warm weather you like, Well, I voted a bit, now to make some graphics. I've been making some for my Valentine's page. No ideas anymore. Well, take care Robbie, have a super day/night. I didn't sleep much last night and I'm so tired I could fall over. I'll catch ya later, I might need a nap,lol. Hugs

mietta writes:

Hello Robbie sweetie :)
Beautiful your page, love it! Thank you so much for your kind words. It helps a lot in healing. Love you! Wishing you a beautiful day!
Big hugs with love Mietta!

shakela writes:

Hello Robbie...I haven't been around at GG like I use to at one time but there's too much to look into each day that my time doesn't allow me to be at most places...my apologies!!
I hope you've been doing great and that the New Year has kicked start by bringing many amazing moments in your life so far! I know that many of us had gone through so much in 2018 and I wish that 2019 will be a much better year for our family and us all.
I take this opportunity to thank you for always stopping by my page...truly appreciate your friendship. So, I pray that this year will bring forth many fruitful achievements, success, joy, love, peace, good health and prosperity your way. Thank you for your support, love, patience and friendship. Have a great year ahead, take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela

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