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"Welcome to My Summer Christmas Page - It's our Summer Season, so that means its Christmas in the Sun for Me"


Birthday: 1920-07-12
Joined: 2011-02-09
Status: artist
Country: New Zealand
Location: Paradise

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A Little bit about where I come From:
New Zealand is an Island Country & It lies in the Southwest Pacific
Ocean Our Country consists of two main Islands-the North Island
and the South Island and several dozen much smaller Islands.
We are over the International Dateline & that means that
we are a DIFFERENT SEASON & a DAY AHEAD of you
all in TIME, we are also the first Country
in the World to see the Sunrise. :-)
"Kia Ora & Haere Mai"
(Which means Welcome & Be Well)

Christmas in New-Zealand:
In New Zealand where I live, Christmas is in our Summer Months
so we have warm Sunny Days at the Beach and Bbq's, not a Snow
Flake in Sight! It may also be going to the Family Bach or Holiday Home - Boating on the many Lakes and pitching a tent or Sleeping in a Caravan.
It is also our School Children's Annual end of Year Summer Holidays.
There is nothing Nicer than a Warm Sunny Christmas!

I have been doing some Cleaning out of my Friends List as many of you are no Longer Active,or have been
MIA for well over 12 months Please do let me know if you return to GG as I would love to re/add you.

Comments (7)

nice guy writes:

There has been many lovely christmas
graphics from you. They are really
so diverse yet so beautiful. You do have
a very creative mind. Good for you.

I was attracted to a graphic of a snowman/woman
when I visited Kees sister -Melanie. I liked that
graphic. Did you do that. If you did.. could you
just do the two snowman/woman and put just my
name to it. Thank you.


dinster writes:

Hi Robbie!

Tyvm for the lovely messages. :)
I've been busy recuperating from almost dying a few months ago.
Hope all's well you & yours.
Have a blessed day...


brennybren writes:

Thank you for all your visits dear Robbie :) ♥
sorry I have been MIA just lately.
I love your fab summer Christmas page :D so cheerful!
Love n hugs to you xoxoxoxox

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