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"Last Visit :- 18-08-2017"


Birthday: 1990-09-06
Joined: 2017-01-25
Country: India
Location: Village

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brennybren writes:

✿⊱ Hi there Sau ⊰✿
Hoping that you have a lovely day and all is going as well as possible for you and yours
Enjoy the weekend :)
~ Sending hugs to you ~

brennybren writes:

Happy New Year 2018 to you
Hoping the year ahead is a wonderful one,
both to yourself and your loved ones ♥
Sending hugs & best wishes to you :)

brennybren writes:

Hi Saurabh :) ♥
Do hope you and your family had a really wonderful Christmas :D
And I wish you the very best throughout 2018

xoxox Hugs to you xoxox

brennybren writes:

Hello Saurabh :D
Hoping your day is a good one and you and your loved ones are well ♥
Sending hugs to you with love from me :) ♥

brennybren writes:

Hi there ♥
Have a really nice weekend :)
Hugs to you ♥

brennybren writes:

Hello there Saurabh :) ♥
Hope you have a great weekend with your loved ones and enjoy the last few days of summer
Hugs to you and take care ♥

brennybren writes:

Sorry Saurabh my younger brother had logged on his page to vote and didn't log out again...I came on to say hi as him lol! :D
xox ♥ xox

stevom writes:

Wishing you a really great day Saurabh :)
and hope that all is well with you & your loved ones ♥
I love mangos they are one of my very favourite fruits :D
Have a lovely week ahead :)
~ Sending hugs your way ~
xox ♥ xox

indtanay writes:

See now there new changes:

"My Stuff: Private Content Setting
From May 2017, it will not be possible to save private content in "My Stuff" in your Zedge™ account. Please ensure you backup all images and ringtones you wish to keep.

What does this mean for you?
* All existing private content will be removed.
* Your public content will remain in your profile and available to others to download.
* Content moderated by Zedge™ will now be removed from your account.
* You will no longer be able to upload images as private, only public.

From May 2017, themes are no longer available on Zedge™"

indtanay writes:

Hello Big Bro :)
felt Great to see your reply after so many days.
Thanks for your hardworking in farming.
About Zedge..
I guess no one uses the Siteguard System, Bad items being flagged stays as it is. Today I found that the images of Zedge are not available now. I will have to remove the code now.
(I'll search other smilies source now.)\
Have fun.
Good Day :)
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