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"Glitter Graphics are my life!"


Birthday: 1975-03-25
Joined: 2005-03-30
Status: admin
Country: Netherlands
Location: Den Haag

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For urgent issues, please email support. If you need graphics deleted, contact a mod. If you need accounts deleted or graphics moved to other accounts, contact us at support.

If you have an issue with other users, contact the mods and if that doesn't work, email us at support. Give staff a little time to investigate and try to solve the situation. Don't add fuel to the fire.

If you have an issue with a mod, try working with another one first. If that doesn't work, contact us at support.

Please feel free to report any anomalies. I'm really interested in knowing if anything could potentially be wrong. Don't worry about false alarms. I will update the front page whenever an update is out.

Current status: I've been playing around with facebook to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe I'll make a GG/Glig-oriented app for it, because many people have been asking to use GG graphics there.

Oh, and please add me as a friend on facebook :-) (you'll also find some pics of me, if you're curious what I look like)

Comments (1965)

shian writes:

Ps)i forgot to mention that Pami wondered if here was a problem with my tablet so.. i did attempt to upload from another one with the same problem. What's really odd is that i got images to ulkoad both before and after the 2 graphics i sent you links for. I kept the others that wouldn't load but not the links for each. If you'd like those let me know and i will get them 4 you. Thank you, Shian ღ

shian writes:

Hi there.. i am having an odd problem this week. I am having trouble getting certain graphix to load. A page comes up that says: ↘
Failed inserting graphics... eek.
Orther graphix load just fine. I have tried re-doing these from scratch, changing portions of them, colors ect, changing the size and finally.. Changing the type of file from jpeg to gif or png. Nothing works. Pami sent me to you.
I took a screenshot of the page that came up when it said failed inserting graphic.. Eek!
But other than that one sentence at the top left of the page.. the rest is blank
This same thing happened several months ago. Lasted for about a week. Is there ANYTHING I can do 2 get these requests loaded? Thank you 4 your time, its appriciated.. Shian ❥


catb123 writes:

Heeelllloooo there!

lin60 writes:

Hello and happy weekend to you and yours. Well I have a little over a month left of school before I will be on summer vaca until mid August, so until then I will be here when I can and never ever think I do not think about you, for I do. I miss all of you, but love teaching!! Enjoy, make memories,love, live, smile and be happy HUGGSS!!

sky4118 writes:

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy belated birthday, Serhat! I hope you had a great birthday.

lin60 writes:

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

glitter-starx writes:

Hi, is there anyway to delete my account on here? Thanks.

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