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Birthday: 1965-01-11
Joined: 2010-01-25
Status: artist
Country: Malaysia
Location: The Place Where My Heart Resides

Uploads: 3101
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jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shakela,

Replying to all of your comments together:

Glad you got your gift & that you love it, your welcome :) Caught your typo error, been there, done that too, no worries :) Your also welcome for the info on using an initial with another name being counted as 2 names, sorry it took awhile in finding out. Thanks for the compliment on my page, yours is beautiful too. My weekend is going good, thank you. Hope your enjoying a....

Happy sunday, have a blessed day! :)

Take care,

nice guy writes:

This is kinda cute and nice.
I like the girl with the winking eyes at
the side. Good idea.
Love this graphic.

robbie4 writes:

Oh what a Beautiful Christmas Page Dear Shakela its
Beautiful! xoxo

fran writes:

It's me again Sweetie,
Just wanted to stop by to let you know that I'm...

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
You're welcome for your tag...so glad you love it.
I'm always thinking of you Angel when I make my tags. It's my gift to you for your true friendship.
Sending you lots of Hugs and have a Happy Tuesday.
Love you Angel with all my Heart,

fran writes:

Hello my Sweet Angel,
So sorry for not thanking you for filling my tag request. I absolutely love it and love you much more! I didn't realized you had a requirement to vote on your original tag.
My bad, Sweetie...I will definitely do that next time.
I see your busy making winter tags too...let me just say they are totally AWESOME and I love them all. Especially, the Welcome Winter, I just love the little Pixels you used! Did you make those yourself? I've been wanting to learn how to color them myself...well, that's another project I need to work on.
Thank you again for my beautiful tag!
You ROCK Sweetie!

catb123 writes:

Hi Shakela! As always, I was so happy to hear from you!I miss talking to you. I have been very busy helping my mom out who has been ill. I hope you are doing well. Take good care. Have a special weekend.

charlaynem writes:

Hi Shakela

How are you ?I've been MIA for while now I disconnected this computer for a while.
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