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Birthday: 1965-01-11
Joined: 2010-01-25
Status: artist
Country: Malaysia
Location: The Place Where My Heart Resides

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shian writes:

Good Morning. Hope your doing well.. that life is being kind to you.
I just spotted your Thanksgiving graphix and would like to request them. With Shian on them. Thank you. Hugs.. Shii ❥

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shakela,

If your taking requests, may I get this:

with Pami added please, it's Beautiful...thank you :)
Have a great rest of your weekend!
Sending Hugs & Smiles across the miles &...

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
GREAT NEWS...my mom is coming home on Monday!!!
Praise God!!
Maria and I are so excited and happy too.
Tomorrow will be mom's last day at the facility, then I'll pick her up on Monday morning after all the paperwork has been completed...mom can't wait to come home either!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend Sweetie.
This is a Happy Blessing for all of us!

robbie4 writes:

Thankyou so very much Dear Shakela I LOVE it xoxo

fran writes:

Just stopping by to show you some...

and leave you...


indtanay writes:

Lovely Page Shakela :)
Happy Diwali :D

sky4118 writes:

Good morning, Shakela! You are welcome for me stopping by. Thank you for stopping by too when you can!
Thank you for your loving prayer for me & my family. I pray the same for you & yours also. How sweet of you to sprinkle love on my page! I am sprinkling love back on your page.
So glad to see you love my page too! Thank you!
Take care & God bless you as well.

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shakela,

Your welcome for stopping by, thanks for the same, as I appreciate you doing so also. Life sure does keep us busy, so no apologies needed. It's okay, whenever you have time, is fine :)
Thanks for your prayers & well wishes, as I pray & wish the same for you & your family. Showing luv back & letting you know your not far from my thoughts either, thanks. Take care &...

God Bless,

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie Pie,
I hope you're doing well and have a wonderful weekend.
Oh Sweetie, you don't need to apologize, I understand you have a lot to do.
Mom is doing great Sweetie, Praise God! Mom is starting to stand up on her own and this week she'll be walking on her own without assistance. I'm praying that mom will be home soon...Maria and I miss her so much.
Thank you for stopping by Angel...sending you lots of Love and may you always have...

Also, wishing you a Happy Diwali Angel.
Love you,
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