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Birthday: 1965-01-11
Joined: 2010-01-25
Status: artist
Country: Malaysia
Location: The Place Where My Heart Resides

Uploads: 3176
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fran writes:

Good morning Sweetie,
I uploaded a gift for you Angel...hope you like it.
Wishing you a...

From my Heart to Yours,

fran writes:

Good morning my Love,
I don't know about you but GG is looking so beautiful with all of these Valentine's Day tags. I'm just lovin' your work and I'm being honest about your tags too! Honestly, I love them all and you make it so difficult to choose which ones I really want. OK, ok...I want them all! lol
Like yourself, I'm not in to Steampunk either...too many gadget elements to work with. However, I'm on this forum group and that was one of the challenges. I do surprise myself from time to time. Listen to me...always bragging! lol
Anyway Angel, it's time to get started with work.
Just wanted to stop by to wish you a beautiful today and to leave you lots of...

halo42101 writes:

Hi, Shakela! Thank you, I did have a lovely weekend! We just got a new car! I am excited for more adventures to come with Theron & Flash.
Thank you, wishing you a happy week too!

gina101 writes:

Good morning Shakela, sweetheart first of all, please accept my apologies for the lateness in my reply to you, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful gift you made for me here

It's beautiful and thank you so much for being so kind and for thinking of me, I so appreciate you and the time you take to vote and comment on my uploads and to pass by my page and give me some love ... I hope all's good with you beautiful and thank you also for using the background I made, I love it when I see my friends using them, it makes the time spent very worthwhile ... Sending you warm hugs and lots of love and thanks xoxoxoxoxoxo

shonna writes:

this tutorial is from http://psp.anotherjo.com/adding_sparkles.htm
on adding tube sparkles animated..and shapes and how to add them to an image. hope these can help out as well..

Sparkle animated tutorial..

making sparkle shapes...
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