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Birthday: 1965-01-11
Joined: 2010-01-25
Status: artist
Country: Malaysia
Location: The Place Where My Heart Resides

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brennybren writes:

Thank you very much for this lovely Mothers day graphic dear Shakela ♥
I love it :) thank you for thinking of me even though I haven't been here. xoxox
I will make sure to put it on my Mothers day page next year which will be the 22nd of March in the UK ♥

Sorry for the lateness in thanking you for these lovely graphics ♥ I just haven't felt up to it as you know...but hoping to get back here sometime :)
Loving your page...very pretty ♥
Take good care :) xoxoxox

Thank you very much for this so cute Easter graphic Shakela ♥
I love it :) thank you very much ♥

Thank you for making one for me Shakela :)
I love it ♥

jane writes:

Hi, how's it going? I wanted to stop by to let you know that I'm taking a break from GG for a bit. Not sure why but I have been exhausted lately and when I normally get on GG, I prefer to lie on the couch and watch my shows. I almost fall asleep at the computer if I try to do anything,plus, trying to find some energy to do cleaning, cooking, mowing lawn and my 9 pets, it takes every ounce of energy I can muster up. I started with a new Dr. so I have to do tests and stuff. I hope she helps me with my pain. I might check in here and there to vote or whatever but mostly I'll be offline. I hope you are enjoying your day. We are getting rain almost every day and the grass is growing so fast. Take care, I'll be back maybe in a couple weeks unless I feel better then it might be earlier. Hugs to you all, I'll miss you.

shian writes:

I wanted the request separate from the thank you since you delete the older stuff. Anyway.. if your accepting requests, i would love one of these with Shian on it. Its so cute!!

shian writes:

Thank you my friend.. its so lovely. Hope you had an amazing mothers day. Hugs, Shii 🌸🍃

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shakela,

Sure do love my mother's day tag, thanks again for thinking of me. Thanks for the compliment on my page, yours is beautiful too. Your welcome for making you a mother's day tag also, thanks for requesting :) My mother's day turned out Awesome...., I did enjoy the day, cherished my moments & made memories, hope your did also, thank you.

Have a great week :)

Take care & God bless,

shian writes:

i love this and since my birthday is coming up on July 13th, i figured this wouid be perfect on my birthday page. If your taking requests on it. With Shian and no rush.. we've got 2 months 😊 hugs.. Shii ❥
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