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Birthday: 1965-01-11
Joined: 2010-01-25
Status: artist
Country: Malaysia
Location: The Place Where My Heart Resides

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jane writes:

Hi Shakela, your name request are out, not sure you saw them or not. I warn you the 1st one is odd looking with the letters in your name. Especially the K looks nothing like one but if you don't want it to use, let me know and I can delete it. Thanks for the requests, Hugs

nice guy writes:

My dear Friend,

Yes! The “World Cup” beings today.
I do hope we have good games to enjoy.
I know Germany will do well but the ball
As they say is round … anything can happen.

Friendship is just a simple word, but you gave meaning to it.
Thanks can't be enough for the friendship extended to me.
I would like to say, that you are truly great.
Thanks for everything my good friend.

I have heard that friends do a lot in life.
I appreciate the time and efforts you take
to stop by at my page.
I am so blessed to have friends like you..
God Bless you always.

Jaya Francis

nice guy writes:

The words on the graphic are more than
enough. It is for my group leader with
whom I have dinner almost every Friday.
He has been good to me all the time and
just thought of those words for him.
I know it is kinda long ... so thanks
for accommodating it. Thank you.

nice guy writes:

Thank you so much for this lovely
graphic. Love it.

Yes! the World cup begins this evening.
I do not know whether you will watch this
or not ... but I have been looking forward
to these games. I do hope they pan out well.
I hope Korea or Japan will make it pass the
first round. It would be good for an Asian
country to do well for a change.

catb123 writes:

Hi Shakela. How are you? We just got back in town last night. It has been a very busy, and sometimes sad couple of weeks or more.
We have had a couple of deaths, and we also had a new grand baby. She is so very beautiful.
I hope you are well...and your family as well. I am quite tired.I still have not fully unpacked. I wanted to stop in and say hello. I am happy you found your tag. Take good care and have a wonderful week!
Sending Hugs!

melissa writes:

Hello, Shakela! I hope your week is going great! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thank you for your sweet comments! I also want to thank you for your votes and comments on my graphics! Hugs, Melissa

nice guy writes:

My Dear Friend,

Yesterday is gone for ever,
Tomorrow will come only on tomorrow.
So today is the day for us.
Let us start with spirit and confidence.
Have a wonderful Good Morning!!

Every day of my life, I have something to say “Thank You” to.
And that includes YOU. Thank you for being my friend.

Every day is an opportunity to give. So today I’m giving you
a wonderful morning, a new chance to live. Be happy!

Be grateful for yesterday because you learn something.
Be grateful for tomorrow because surprises are coming.
And be grateful for today for it’s one more chance of living!
Have a productive day ahead!

Today, make yourself an inspiration for others. This
will also inspire them to embrace and enjoy the day ahead.

Wishing you a Great good morning.
Have a blessed day my friend.

Jaya Francis

gina101 writes:

Hi sweetheart Shakela, oh your page is so beautiful sweetheart, I absolutely LOVE your background .. It's stunning, how are you? I do hope all's good with you, I just wanted to thank you for calling by my page and for your request as well, I promise I haven't forgotten you sweetie, I just haven't had a chance to really catch up on GG properly and reply, I like to take my time replying to my friends here, sending you lots of love and massive hugs, thank you for thinking of me ... I do appreciate it very much and you too, thank you also for your lovely comments and for your votes too, they all mean a lot and so do you ... Massive hugs for you xoxoxo

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