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Birthday: 1965-01-11
Joined: 2010-01-25
Status: artist
Country: Malaysia
Location: The Place Where My Heart Resides

Uploads: 3315
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Comments (28)

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to stop by to show you some Love and to request this GORGEOUS tag you made!
I absolutely love it and you did an AMAZING job on it!
Have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend my Sweet Angel.
Love you,

nice guy writes:

I came across this in "GG".
Could you do one similar to this
for me. No hurry for this ... or
just the girl sitting on the letter
"J" .. on my name Jaya. Thank you.

nice guy writes:

This is a lovely "Summer" scene.
I love it. Kindly do this for me
with my name.. "Jaya" on it.

It is Friday and so the weekend is here.
I do hope that you have a lovely weekend
followed by a lovely week too.
For me, it has been one thing after the
other ... but life must go on. Must remain
positive and trust that tomorrow will be
better. Take care my friend and have a
wonderful time with the family. God Bless You.

catb123 writes:

Hi Shakela! How are you? I have been so busy with my kids and grand kids. I am just now seeing and voting on all of my precious tags! I wanted to thank you so much for the sweet tag you made me. You are such a thoughtful and precious friend & I appreciate you so much! Sending hugs and hoping you have a Blessed week!

brennybren writes:

Hello Shakela :)
Pretty Summer page :)
Hope you're having a lovely day and hope it stays that way for the rest of the week ♥
The weather here has been so hot for weeks and weeks and we aren't used to it being in the mid 80's here in the North of England :)
I'm permanently walking around with a rechargeable fan in my hand to try and cope :D
After the first few days of this heatwave, I was longing for the cooler weather again!
Which I really do prefer :)
I dare say it will be getting colder soon enough and then I will be grumbling about it being too cold hahaha :D
Hoping that your weather is to your liking and neither too hot or too cold :)
♥ Sending lots of love to you & hugs too ♥

mietta writes:

Hello sweet Shakela!

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