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"The PAST is history, the FUTURE a mystery, this MOMENT a gift, Thats why the call it the Present...."


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Ok Hello all I use to make these graphics a while ago and I havent been on but I just checked and was thinking of making graphics on here again but im think of deleting this one and making a new one becuz I dont have all the grapics I use to make will be digging into my old disc's to see what I do have and will add them so if you are interested in being my friend leave a message on here and I will add you when and if I do ~Shelly 9-22-2011

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Hello Shellbug it's been along time since i been on needs some prayers for my niece Mary!!

I need Prayers for my niece Mary plz. She got in a really bad car accident. It was a head on collision. She broke both her legs, crushed her knees, broke her collor bone, and messed up her liver, they removed her spline, her diafram, and she is on life support. She has a open woom, bc she is internally bleeding. She had surgery yesterday and they were able to stop some of the bleeding, so they were able to close her up a little and her blood pressure went up a little bit. She is responsive and she can look but can't talk. As of today I'm so sad right now just dont understand my niece is very critical airways was blocked no oxygen no pulse cleared airways put paddles on got her pulse back she back on life support Can you please pray for my niece Mary I would like to see if you have some kind of design with her name so i can send it all to my family and friend thank you so much Shellybug Have a great and bless day xx Donna

esthercita writes:

hello shelly i don't mind be friends with you :) plz add me

esthercita writes:

hello shelly i don't mind be friends with you :) plz add me

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and another pink one that has in memory of grandma bea on it and this one with grandpa Otto

amandanicole writes:

this one with my mom brenda

amandanicole writes:

can u do this with brenda on it?
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