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"Stop Stressing... Life's Way To Short To Let The Little Thing's Get To Ya' (((hugs))) ❥"


Birthday: 1969-07-13
Joined: 2007-03-15
Status: artist
Country: United States

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--Anne Geddes, Carebears, Colleenland, IMVU Dolls,
Mary Engelbreit, Me To You Bears (Tatty Teddy), Playboy logo, Pon
and Zi, Precious Moments, Ruth &/or Bill Moorehead,
Sanrio Characters including Hello Kitty
Disney & Betty Boop require a copywrite on any
of their characters we use. Put the copywrite
symbol in front of the name, like this ↪ (c)DISNEY




Further down below are some wonderfull site's for everyone
from the very newest artist to those who are skilled
at creating graphix. If you've never made a graphic before.. go play around with your photos at a couple
of the *websites below (no download) It's alot of fun
& your skill & confidence will improve with time.
➡ If you have any questions just ask. I will do my
best to help you.. take care ❥


For those who dont want 2 download, there are
links to photo editors below that you can play around with..
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.lunapic.com or blibs.com (blibs is identical to lunapic)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫bloggif.com (all kind of animations. i have played around with adding glitter to portions of a photo. I imagine we could do alot with this site. Enjoy!)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.photoshop.com/tools (photo editing)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.pixlr.com (text & more mobile app)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.photo505.com (photo effects)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.Frame360.net (frames)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫wwe.glitterboo.com (glitters & effects)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.Snapanimation.com (animations)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.Tagsmaker.com (add text 2 pix)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.picturetopeople.org/online-photo-effects-and-filters.html (looked like a few special effects just like lunapic.com)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.glitterphoto.net (special effects)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.picfont.com (add text ect)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.Onlinephotoshopfree.net (photo editor)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.photomania.net/editor (doesn't have alot of options like glitter or snow or bubbles or text but it does have a few things some of you could play around with
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.psp.anotherjo.com/adding_sparkles.htm (Sparkle animated tutorial)
▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.psp.anotherjo.com/animated_sparkle_shapes.htm (Making Sparkle Shapes)



▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ www.lunapic.com (takes a bit
2 get used too but, they have loads you can do with your photo) you can add glitter to any photo. Two styles. You can add glitter around the edges of an image or you can fill it completely. I will upload an image from lunapic that's trimmed in glitter so you can see how it looks::↘


➡ To try out of the different ANIMATIONS AVAILABLE (snow, rain, blood, glitter, bubbles, ect) ..you click
on ▪ANIMATION then on ALL ANIMATION EFFECTS. This will open the animations so you can choose the one you want. For now we are choosing glitterize.. if its not on the 1st page of options click the words MORE EXAMPLES
below the first page of options til you see a photo of
a tower that says glitterize. Select it. Once the glitter option opens you now have a couple more options to choose from.
I prefer these options:: FAST-GOLD-OUTLINE then i hit apply (you can check out the choices of speed,
color and filling the image with glitter or outlining it.. personally i think the outlining looks much better than the fill does) *remember no matter what you add to your image.. you can ALWAYS UNDO IT!
All you do is select the drop down menu by clicking the
3 stacked lines on the left of the screen. Then select; EDIT then the top option: UNDO LAST ACTION. Now you can go back to the animations and try other options until
you make the image look the way you want it too (have fun)



↪ Also.. As i come accross them, I will add the names
of the sites so you can get free images to play with.
For instance BELOW is a short list of great sites. Including one with loads of disney cartoons to use::





*Just be sure to put the (c) DISNEY on the image.
Make sure you leave a link back to the webpage you got the free image from if they ask for it. Also.. Always check the TOU (TERMS OF USE) in order to do
as they ask in exchange for using the images.


▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫www.pookatoo.com (TEXT)


Comments (1643)

jczbabydoll writes:

Sure, anytime, glad to be of help :) Hugs, Pami

jczbabydoll writes:

I see where you may have misunderstood. That's why I left an example for you in my last comment to show you, since it's an image with a name only, which goes under glitter text/first names. If it's an image with a greeting, quote, etc, with a name added to it too, then it's glitter text/personal, hope that cleared up any confusion for ya :)

roniangel writes:

Hi Sweetie. Thank you so much for all the pretty tags you have made me. Sorry, I haven't been on here much to comment and vote. My granddaughters are out for spring break so I've been busy, busy. You are so sweet to make all those for me. Hugssss ♥ ♥

chii_chan writes:

Thank you. I will not be online as much as well, but I do hope we can reconnect from time to time. Please know that I will always be keeping you in my prayers as well. Incoming bear hugs! *HUUUUUGS*

carina_marie writes:

LoL, thank you so much for the graphic Shian. :) I'll find somewhere on my page to put it.
I'm still not feeling the best so I'm going to take another week away from GG I think. Hope you're having a good week. :) Thanks again. -Hugs-

chii_chan writes:

Oh I see. I did remember you were ill. Wow, I'm glad you're well. I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you found a hobby you can be busy with as well. I'm sorry I was selfish before and did not really get deeper on what is going on around the people I met here.

Wow, you were 30, and I was 11. Omg. How time flies man. Well, i'm from the Philippines, i was probably in grade 5 when I was using this website. I was really emotional and shit then. LOL Funny story to look back to. I'm crying at the wrong grammars I had. Anyways, I graduated and got a bachelor's degree in English, I now work as a writer. I still get lonely sometimes but not to the point of seeking attention like before. I'm glad I wasn't suicidal as well. I'm 21 now. I'm also really glad to catch up with you. I'm not really going to be able to catch up with anyone here, but i'm just glad you're better.

I'm glad I met you, you were actually one of the people who cared during the time of my stay here. I'm glad I get to say this too. I'm hoping to travel and meet you someday, if God permits.

nice guy writes:

Thank you so much for this lovely
and thoughtful gift.
Yes! it is attractive and I love it.

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shian,

Yea, the one's that were suppose to be under first names, were the one's that looked like this:

& you had them under personal. I didn't mention any that were just names without an image, sorry for the confusion. Was saying that they only go under personal if there's a name plus other text, like say for example, "Have a nice day! Hugs, Shian", then it's glitter text/personal, hope that helps :) Cool that you remember the one you hit accidentally, it happens. Sometimes mistakes can be fixed, are you able to click on any of your graphics & click edit? I've heard of others being able too, so thought I'd ask. Plus you can ask for the one you messed up on to be removed, so you can re-do it & then re-upload them too :) Your welcome for letting you know, anytime. Your gifts did make me smile, thanks again for making them for me :)

Hope you....


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