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"Stop Stressing... Life's Way To Short To Let The Little Thing's Get To Ya' (((hugs))) ❥"


Birthday: 1969-07-13
Joined: 2007-03-15
Status: artist
Country: United States

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--Anne Geddes, Carebears, Colleenland, IMVU Dolls,
Mary Engelbreit, Me To You Bears (Tatty Teddy), Playboy logo, Pon
and Zi, Precious Moments, Ruth &/or Bill Moorehead,
Sanrio Characters including Hello Kitty
Disney & Betty Boop require a copywrite on any
of their characters we use. Put the copywrite
symbol in front of the name, like this ↪ (c)DISNEY


Further down below are some wonderfull site's for everyone..
from the very newest artist to those who are skilled
at creating graphix. If you've never made a graphic before.. go play around with your photos at a couple
of the *websites below (no download) It's alot of fun
& your skill & confidence will improve with time.
➡ If you have any questions just ask. I will do my
best to help you.. take care ❥


For those who dont want 2 download, there are
links to photo editors below that you can play around with..

www.lunapic.com or blibs.com (same site)
www.bloggif.com (animations)
www.photoshop.com/tools (photo editing)
www.pixlr.com (text & more mobile app)
www.photo505.com (photo effects)
www.Frame360.net (frames)
www.glitterboo.com (glitters & effects)
www.Snapanimation.com (animations)
www.Tagsmaker.com (add text 2 pix)
www.glitterphoto.net (special effects)
www.picfont.com (add text ect)
www.Onlinephotoshopfree.net (photo editor)
www.photomania.net/editor (play around)
www.psp.anotherjo.com/adding_sparkles.htm (Sparkle tutorial)
www.psp.anotherjo.com/animated_sparkle_shapes.htm (Sparkle Shapes)
www.picturetopeople.org/online-photo-effects-and-filters.html (special effects)


•To try out of different ANIMATIONS available see info below•
➡ www.lunapic.com (snow, rain, blood, glitter, bubbles, water droplet, ect) you click on ➡ ANIMATION then on ALL ANIMATION EFFECTS. This will open the animations so you can choose the one you want. For now we are choosing glitterize.. if its not on the 1st page of options click the words MORE EXAMPLES

below the first page of options til you see a photo of
a tower that says glitterize. Select it. Once the glitter option opens you now have a couple more options to choose from. LUNAPIC.COM takes a bit 2 get used too but, they have loads you can do with your photo. You can add glitter to any photo. Two styles. You can add glitter around the edges of an image or you can fill it completely.

I prefer these options:: FAST-GOLD-OUTLINE then i hit apply (you can check out the choices of speed,
color and filling the image with glitter or outlining it.. personally i think the outlining looks much better than the fill does) •remember• no matter what you add to your image.. you can ALWAYS UNDO IT! All you do is select the drop down menu by clicking the 3 stacked lines on the left of the screen. Then select; EDIT then the top option: UNDO LAST ACTION. Now you can go back to the animations and try other options until
you make the image look the way you want it too (have fun)


↪ Also.. As i come accross them, I will add the names of the sites so you can get free images to play with.
For instance BELOW is a short list of great sites. Including one with loads of disney cartoons to use::

http://www.transparentpng.com (•info below) ➡

*Just be sure to put the (c) DISNEY on the image.
Make sure you leave a link back to the webpage you got the free image from if they ask for it. Also.. Always check the TOU (TERMS OF USE) in order to do
as they ask in exchange for using the images.

www.pookatoo.com (TEXT)

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fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
I can't wait until our weather gets cooler but in the meantime, stopping by and...

jane writes:

Hey, on Lunapic, how can I get the snow to only be inside the frame and not all around it?

jane writes:

Hello again, I have the same weather here as you do. I am in my computer room with doggies lying on the floor and I'm listening/watching tv while doing computer clean up. I can't wait to get hard drive and try to get everything off my desktop that I'm missing. I sure wish the rain would have waited till later today to rain. I didn't get the front part of our land cut all the way and now it will grow even faster as we have the next couple days of rain also. I just cannot do what I use to do. There was a time when we first moved here I could almost do the whole acre walking too, no riding mower. Yesterday I got about 1/4 or so done, took a break and it rained so it could not be finished. I could kick myself. lol. Oh the Lisinopril, not sure what I wrote but I know it's for blood pressure, been on it for years. I take one a day and now she added a new one, can't think of name at the moment, also for blood pressure and I take 2 but only 5 mg each. I need to tell her I'm twice as dizzy now when standing. My PB goes down about 10 points when I sit up from lying down and 10 more when I stand up. I feel faint and have to lower my head by bending over for a few seconds or so. It's so annoying, but I think I'm going to another Dr., don't like this one. I'm in such pain and she won't do anything but one thing at a time, it's been bp for last few visits. I need an MRI of my neck and back to see if it is worse. Anyway, enough complaining, sorry. I'm off to work on cleaning up my millions of files, I delete over 3,000 a day, sometimes more. Lots of work to do. Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a good book and enjoy your quiet time. Hugs

jane writes:

Yes, me again, if you are trying to center your page with what I wrote to you, you should delete some of the circles, being they are from one side to another, it won't center. Just delete about 10 and then put the center info in your area you put codes. If it works good, if not, delete ore circles. Let me know if you try it and it works.

jane writes:

Hi Shian, you are more than welcome for the name tag. No problem not being on as often, I do it a lot myself. I can't believe the stuff you have been going through. Hope your Mom is ok and thank God she wasn't ele ctrocuted. Your mother-in-law and father-in-law with all their medical issues too. I can empathize with the blood pressure, that is what sent me to the Hospital on July 5th, I kept falling and fell outside the Drs. office. They took my blood pressure and it was 88/82 and off to Hosp. I went. Eventually they me I was in kidney failure??? I almost fainted, I said what, my kidney function was checked recently and it was fine. They did CT scan and blood work and urinalysis and came back and said we have good news, you are not in kidney failure, you are extremely dehydrated and your creatin levels were very high, which is usually kidney failure. What a sigh of relief! I'm still dealing with it, I get so dizzy when standing that I have to bend over till it passes. She put me on two low dose bp pills in addition to my one a day lisinopril and I wonder now the dizziness is much worse that if I'm not dehydrated anymore do I need them now. I'm getting a new Dr. she does one thing at a time and for 2 months it is BP. I need an MRI for my neck and back, many issues there and I cannot stand the pain any longer. But I hope to get this all fixed eventually. I'm so glad you both enjoyed your Anniversary. Mine is this month too on the 22nd. Sound like a fun day to me. We usually go out to a nice restaurant and that is it and it's fine with me. I like watching movies at home more now than at a noisy theater with people talking, repeating lines to someone who can't hear, lol, that irritates the heck out of me, plus at home you get free food and a close bathroom, lol. Anyway, glad you had a great time. I am off to upload some buttons for my autumn pages, there will be more than one. I cannot get them to upload right on imgBB for some reason. I hope and ? what is your husband's name, have a great day. Talk soon, Hugs

shonna writes:

Hi Shian thanks for stopping by hope all is going good with I am back father got me a pc today figuring things out getting some programs on so far got one program on here just taking my time with it and I get the hang of it hope you have a wonderful day be safe and well...most of all have fun.....

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