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Birthday: 1980-06-04
Joined: 2007-06-22
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Texas

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last online 11-1-17
Pc down on me

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campgrandma writes:

Hi Shonna, how are you today? I haven't been doing much. Without grandchildren around this year, I just don't feel like putting up a tree. Did send presents though. Sure will miss the little buggers. We don't have any snow on the ground, can you believe it? We should have around 3 inches this time of year. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Happy Tuesday. Hugs,

princesslily writes:

Christmas if finally here...My 3 babies saw Santa today It was so cute! My oldest daughter who is 4 Lilliana told Santa she was "Kinda good" Awe! At least she was being honest. Santa asked my children to clean out their toy boxes and clean their room. My 3 year old Jacob replied "my room is cleaned" ha ha kids just crack me up. My youngest Daniel who's 3 months old was so well behaved in his little Candy Cain outfit and Santa hat. Gosh I love being a mom! Now getting ready to make a Cake for Jesus Birthday on Christmas Eve with the kids.

Hope your Christmas is just as wonderful and Blessed as ours. God Bless!

Love Loraine :)

nay*flower writes:

hello shonna, wow its the last week till christmas...yay! i hope you are ready! well its monday and that means i get to clean up the messy house from our busy weekend, i do hope you have a great monday and a blessed week!

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