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"not taking requests"


Birthday: 1980-06-04
Joined: 2007-06-22
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Texas

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last online 9/13/2018

I am back hope everyone is doing great missed you all glad to be back in action thanks for stopping by you all sure have missed you all haven't forgot about yall got to get things figered out on the computer putting graphic dvd discs in .... and get back to creating...sure have missed it .

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shakela writes:

Hey there sweets...it's so good to finally hear from you...you've been so missed. It's good to have you back and I'm happy that you got back most of your stuff lost in your pc. Have a beautiful week. Take care and God bless.



robbie4 writes:

Hi Shonna Im so happy to hear from you as you have been
Missed my friend. I hope all is well big (hugs) Robbie

lin60 writes:

Hello and happy day to you. Wow been a few weeks since I was able to stop in. But today I made it a mission to get by to say hello. I am busy subbing at school so much that I am at work everyday now. Loving it, but missing my life with all of you. Next month the middle of March I will be on a week vaca from school and hopefully will be able to be here. In the meantime, I wish you ...HUGGSS

missing you shonna

mietta writes:

Hello Shonna! :) I miss you! How do you feel? I hope your days are beautiful and your health is well. A little surprise for you, I hope like it. Have a beautiful weekend! Big hugs with love Mietta! ♥

catb123 writes:

I miss you Shonna!

shakela writes:

Hello Shonna...wishing you and all your love ones blessings of love today and all the days after. Enjoy an awesome Valentine's Day.



ositacuriosa writes:

Passing by to say HELLO♥ Love, Evelyn

shakela writes:

Hello Shonna...hope your family is all well and you too!! Just stopping by to leave some love on your page. Wishing you a brand new week of love and blessings! Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


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