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Birthday: 1980-06-04
Joined: 2007-06-22
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Texas

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last online 11-1-17
Pc down on me

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fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
What a beautiful surprise! Thank you so much for my "Heart" tag...I absolutely love it and love you more.
Sending you lots of Love you way and have a blessed week!

shakela writes:

Hello sweet Shonna...thank you so much for making all those name tags...they look absolutely pretty and I love them all but of course, I love you much, much more! Hope your week was all you wanted it to be. Mine was a busy one but all good! Just here...


xxdebxx writes:

Thank you for the lovely tag you made me
Love it and I was sure to like and comment.
My computer is still giving me lots of troubles
so I did not sign in for a long time
I was going to get another one
but I haven't gotten around to it so far
so yeah.... all's well with me.
Been busy with life and work
Look forward to hearing from u and
and I do hope u have a wonderful
and blessed weekend.
Big Hugzzz

jane writes:

Me again, I found my rake and leaves, I love this! It will be on my Autumn page for sure, thanks so much.

jane writes:

Hi Shonna, thanks so much for this beautiful present, I think I thanked you on FB when I saw it, but didn't know it would be on GG too, but I was voting and found it. You are doing so good at all the things you make from scratch. Hey while here, I was doing one of those quizzes they advertise on FB and did one you had, it gave me points? What do you do with them? Let me know when you have time and thands again for the beautiful present. Hugs

jczbabydoll writes:


So glad you like it. Your welcome for my stopping by also. Doing pretty good, hope you are too. Thanks again for your anniversary wishes. Will do & you have fun by doing what you love to do also, thank you. Enjoy your day! Your welcome Shonna, anytime :)

Thanks for the nice surprise, & for thinking of me Shonna, it's so pretty..., looking forward to using is soon, I Love It :)

robbie4 writes:

Hi Shonna oh I love this and adore the colours too!
THANKYOU so very much for thinking of me Hugs

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shonna,

There's a thank you gift for you like the one that matches below, hope you like it :)

Happy Friday.....


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