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Birthday: 1980-06-04
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got over 1000 of free stuff for you all to use enjoy....
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jczbabydoll writes:


For stopping by & your graphics, so glad you like them, thanks again for votes & comments, as well as requesting too, much appreciated =)
Wow...your page made me smile real BIG...thanks for using one of my backgrounds, which goes really well with the tag that Shian made for you, as well as adding some of the graphics, I made over the years in the archives, so sweet of you, your page looks AWESOME...great work :)
Back to your comment:
That's okay, I don't mind the cold, & I hear ya of having to turn on the heat when you get up in the mornings, beings it's down to 50 degrees. Sorry to hear your flag fell down again, & that's great advice to help hold the flag up, & that it got taken care of like you wanted it too. Glad it wasn't too cold for you today. Hope you have a wonderful day & weekend also. Be safe & have fun too, thank you...Also stopping by to say...

Have a super saturday! :)


shian writes:

Hi 😊 glad you like the rosem after seeing your page i think i need to do a red rose for you instead. Will do it in the morning. Oh and i would like to request one of these name tags whenever you have the time. Maybe one with Shii and maybe one with my full name Shian as well. Thank you. Hugs, Shii ❥

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Shonna,

Your welcome for stopping by. Glad your doing good, doing pretty good here also, thank you. Your also welcome for the love it tag, thanks for saying I did a great job on it, your doing a great job on your work too, love the animation :) I know what you mean about guessing who wants one, lately for the love it tags, I've just been making for those who vote & comment. Our weather has been down in the single digits & we just got a foot of snow this past weekend, now they are calling for temps in the low 40's with a 60% chance of rain, then freezing temps the following day, so going to be a mess for sure...Oh my that the wind knocked over your flag even though it's not snowing there. Glad you got it back up again. Thanks for your well wishes, hope you stay warm & have fun too. Wishing you a great day & rest of the week! :) Also stopping by to say....

nay*flower writes:

Thanks so much shonna!! I love it hun!

shian writes:

Aww.. thank you my friend. Cuuuute 😉

jczbabydoll writes:

So Beautiful...Love the color & font too...., thanks for thinking of me Shonna, & just when I was getting ready to request this pretty, you beat me to it, thanks again, looking forward to using it soon, I Love It :) I'm also enjoying the purple siggie you made for me that I'm using in my comments today too, so thanks again for that also :D
Have a great week :)


nay*flower writes:

This is too cute.. could I please get one with Rennie?

nay*flower writes:

just stopping by to hope the week has treat you well!!

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