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Birthday: 1980-06-04
Joined: 2007-06-22
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: Texas

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last login 1-21-2019 Monday
Happy Week you all be safe.

got over 1000 of free stuff for you all to use enjoy....
Free graphics

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connie gayle writes:

love it a lot.. thank you sweetie

connie gayle writes:

I made one for you well how to do it I call it a program magical powers... I be edited but the program did it all...wishing you a wonderful day and weekend hope things turn out best for you and your family be safe and well most of all have fun Connie...thanks for stopping by as well..

hi shonna, oh i see. thank you. connie

brennybren writes:

Thank you Shonna ♥
very cool how the name moves around :)
Have a lovely weekend and take care ♥

jczbabydoll writes:


So glad you like it, thanks again for your request :) Your welcome also for stopping by. Doing pretty good, hope you are too, thanks. Cool that you've been working on a few tutorials on how to do stuff in programs, glad your having fun..., I'd miss it too. I do like the animation of the graphic you made for me, thanks again.
Thanks also for using the avatar I made for you & the compliment on my background, I did have a different one the other day, but then when I finished this one, & tried it to see how it looked, I had to go with it, lol :) Love your page too :) Hope you have a safe & wonderful weekend too, thank you. I appreciate you also, keep up the great work :)

connie gayle writes:

hi shonna,

how do you do that.. i never see this before.. cool.

jczbabydoll writes:

Cool animation..., thanks for thinking of me Shonna, I Love It :)
Have a great day :D


connie gayle writes:

love it thank you sweetie

sky4118 writes:

Hello, Shonna! Thank you for stopping by too! That's great you made both of them. I am enjoying displaying one on my page now.
I am glad to see you are doing okay there. Things are going okay here & I am enjoying my weekend. I will let you know if I need anything. Thank you!
I will be safe & have fun! Please do the same!

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