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happy_guy writes:

My dear Friend,

It is now mid-December and we are all aware
that Christmas is near. We all look forward to
this time of the year in our own special way
and we always look forward to lovely things
and instances that would add joy to our
happy memories.

I am not asking for rich, expensive gifts,
either for family or friends. I only ask
that each one of you have joyful gatherings
with family and friends all around you.
May the carols you sing inspire you with
their old familar sounds. May you each
experience quiet moments in your heart
at Christmas as you celebrate this
joyful time. I pray for friends to send their
best that you might know they care. I
also ask for peace and love and hope
and joy for you and that God hears your
prayer ... always.

May the gift of God's love touch you and
your family this holiday season.
Merry Christ!

Jaya Francis
(e-mail :- ssjay19@streamyx.com

nay*flower writes:

hello shonna, i hope you are doing well and haveing fun getting ready for the holidays! have an awesome week sweetie!

jczbabydoll writes:

I may be leaving gg at the end of the year please read why
on my page, thank you.

nay*flower writes:

oh man what a day i had, we went out to do some christmas shopping, and we saw a dog get hit by a car and run all over traffic. so me and the hubbie went and chased her all over and finally with some help got a hold of her and got help for her. she had both hips knocked out of place...poor dear. i hope you had a nice sunday, hopefully a lot more relaxing than mine!

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