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"Eat! Sleep! Bead!"


Birthday: 1977-02-01
Joined: 2007-01-03
Country: United States
Location: Wherever there is glitter :D

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Mood: Creative/Designing/Writing
Flash is my sweet & silly Basset Hound who is my lucky charm! I love spoiling him & playing with him! I am a Basset Hound & Snoopy fanatic!
In my free time, I enjoy making all kinds of jewelry! I specialize in making coastal jewelry.
I am a domestic violence survivor & am dealing with anxiety & changes!
Please bare with me & keep me in prayer if you will! Purple represents Domestic Violence awareness & it is also my favorite color!

Comments (9)

jczbabydoll writes:


For your birthday wishes :) Your welcome for the compliment on your poem.
Your also welcome for keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. Amen on it being the best place for you right now, praying the days are getting easier & that God gives you direction to make the right decisions.
Thanks again for your lovely birthday wishes, had a fun & quiet celebration at home, since we went out the weekend before to celebrate both Valentine's & my birthday. Most of my friends & family called with their wishes & received some beautiful cards & ecards too, which was really nice :) Btw, thanks for using one of my backgrounds, your page looks great! =)
Made you a surprise gift like the one that matches below :D
Have a great day :)

dinster writes:

Hi Jessi!

Tyvm for the sweet comment. :)
Hope all's well with you & yours.
Happy Advanced Birthday Jessi!!!
Have a wonderful time with your loved ones
celebrating your special day...
May all your prayers come true for you.
Have fun!!!


jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Jessi,

Your graphic was in the right category, but wrong description, since it has your name plus other text, then it still goes under glitter text, but personal, it's been moved :) Will reply to your comment asap :)

dinster writes:

Hi Jessi!

Nice to meet you Jessi! :)
Tyvm for the friend request too.
I added you as well. :D

You're welcome for the vote/comment for your sweet tag.
My aunt loves her beads and it made me think of her
when I saw your tag. I couldn't stop lol @ that tag.
She's a beadaholic from Australia!!!

I hope & pray 2019 will be a better year for you & your family...God bless...

Tyvm for your awesome comment!
Have a wonderful day!!!


fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
I hope you're doing well and healing. Remember, keep your chin up and don't ever forget you are a AMAZING woman!
Have a beautiful tomorrow Sweetie.
Love you bunches,

shakela writes:

Hello Jessi...thank you for all your lovely requests and you're most welcome on the tags. I get most of my images from public domain or buy my kits from CDO, PFD, Pink Paradox and from artists who have their own creative blogs...hope that helps!
I hope you're getting the best out of the Christmas season and that all is well with you and your lovely family. Just stopping by to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and may it be one full of blessings. Take care, have an awesome Christmas and God bless, sweets!


fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
With God's help and his Love...you'll be alright and you will SURVIVE!
Have a beautiful new week Sweetie, may it be full of Love, Joy and Happiness.

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