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"Mommy friend, designer"


Birthday: 1976-08-04
Joined: 2007-01-12
Status: moderator
Country: United States
Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Trying to get my paintshop pro working, coming back soon and I recently became a grandma

update: can't get my computer to work with my pspx5
message me on facebook if you can help.. already tried corel

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jane writes:

Hi, it's that time of year again where I am doing my Spring Cleaning. I am removing those who don't seem to be active now. If I remove you and you come back, please let me know as I would love to add you again. I hope you will return one day, till then, have an awesome Spring.

almond deen writes:

Please delete my page

latin007 writes:

Hey Angela, Passing by to leave some love <3

nay*flower writes:

I promise,i havent forgotten bout all my GG pals. ive started a new job, so i dont have much free time now. i havent made any new graphics in a few months...lol so sorry that im just getting to your request now,but its waiting in uploads for ya. anyways i hope you are doing well hun!

jane writes:

Wishing you all a Very Blessed Easter Sunday. Ours will be quiet, as are most Holidays when it's just the two of us. My daughter and her family are in D.C. and will be home late Sunday night, so it's just Ron and I (and 9 pets of course, lol). Enjoy this Special day and remember why we Celebrate it when you say Grace at dinner. I have so much to be Thankful for this year and every year. If I don't see you around tomorrow, Happy Easter! Hugs, Jane

arianne5 writes:

Don't forget to vote my graphics. Thank you for your time.

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