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summer lovers club

Birthday: 1920-04-25
Joined: 2009-06-21

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Club started on: 6/21/2009


This club is for summer lovers and is open all year round!! Enjoy the club and please join!
Read the rules below BEFORE joining please!


-No stealing or altering design, clickies, or graphics!
-No rude or bad comments
-Only ACTIVE members please!!
-Please no "just members" choose a job from the list
-Have fun!

How to join

Just fill out this form below
Name: (your name)
Username (your username)
Date Joined: (Todays date)
Job: (choose your job from the list below)
Fav summer activity: (water skiing, swimming, eating ice cream, etc.)
Avatar: (please put code for avatar)


New! Messager- New!
Tells other members to welcome newbies, there are new clickies, or new contests/polls/quizzes are up
Clickie Maker-
makes clickies and/or banners
Contest Maker-
Gives owner ideas for contests
advertises the club by putting a clickies on their profile and telling other G-G members about the club
welcomes the new members

no contest right now! If you have an idea, please share it with us. :)


What's Your Summer Going to Be Like?

What Summer Activity Are You?

Is Summer The Season For You?

How Awesome Will Your Summer Be?


Currently 31 members
click here to see the members

Thank you everyone who made a clickie I love them all!

by: Sierra

by: Sierra

by: Thea {.cherrysmile.<3}

by: Gena {xxxgena11}

by: Gena {xxxgena11}

by: Bella {ѕнυттєr ѕнadєѕ}

by: Ashley {ashley . byy :3}

by: Meme {pepsigrl2468}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Pamela {khamiey}

by: Sierra

by: Yenna {yenna.Ü}

by: Lei {cookilober}

by: Samathan {rainbow stuff join now!!!!!}

by: Iva {ivvy}

If you support this club, please add one of these to your profile:



Friends = Members
Lover = Owner
Idol = Supporting clubs

If you own or find a club that supports other clubs, I would be happy to add them. ;)

Bye and please join!!!

Comments (26)

rachel22334 writes:

Loving Pet are WANTING to get adopted by a loving owner. Come adopt one now! Click on my profile.

blueangel10 writes:

Hey! Even though Im not yet an official member ... I made a ckickie for you! Hope you like it!

Code: <IMG>http://i50.tinypic.com/j7geg0.jpg</IMG>

blueangel10 writes:

Sorry for the wrong avatar. I thought that nobody has that avatar yet but when I saw your members page I saw a mamber of yours that have that avatar. Sorry for the inconvinience. here's my another avatar. Contact me if somebody owns it already.

Code: (url=http://www.glitter-graphics.com)(img)http://dl3.glitter-graphics.net/pub/718/718883nokc24jd9b.gif(/img)(/url)

blueangel10 writes:

Name: Via
Username: blueangel10
Date Joined: 01.24.10
Job: Clickie Maker
Fav summer activity: eating ice cream, hanging out, internet surfing, photography

Code: <url=http://www.glitter-graphics.com><img>http://dl9.glitter-graphics.net/pub/434/434419rfgya1izbb.gif</img></url>

(Note: Just change the </> into square brackets.)

.deniise. <3 writes:

Name: Denise
Username : .deniise. <3
Date Joined: 01/24/10
Job: Welcomer
Fav summer activity: swimming! :)


.sιℓvɛя.мιsт. writes:

Name: mika-chann
Username: .sιℓvɛя.мιsт.
Date Joined: 12.o8.o9
Job: messager and welcomer at the same time please.
Fav summer activity: eating ice cream! :D


emo khid writes:

i quit in this club..."am xorii"

paigeeee:]] kessler writes:

hey sierra,
i made a clickie hope you like it

comment back if you need something else :)
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