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"Back Again"


Birthday: 1986-12-30
Joined: 2007-11-30
Location: maryville

Uploads: 423
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I've Starting Taking Request Again Plz Bare Wtih Me I'm Working Now So It May Take Me A Little Whilte Thank YOu

The Graphics On My Profile Are Made Be Me Unless They Say Different. I am now taking request but please not to many thank u. I Don't Tag My Image (Put My Name Or Inatial On Them) Because I Like Them Without Them So Please Give Me Some Credit.Thank You

made by me

(Thank You sallyjo I Love It So Much.)

Thank You-kirki (i love it)

Thank You-nosheza i ♥ it

Special Thanks To-keka1985 (Thank You So Much I Love It)

Thank You phantomphan0417

Thank You-darla1211 (I Love It)

Thank You amymont717

I Like To Listen To Rap,Country,Rock,Pretty Much Anything.

Thank You-phantomphan0417(it's wonderful)

made by me
I Also Wanted To Give A Speical Thanks To: stupid-girl,ladiva14,keka1985,hottamale211,phantomphan0417,nosheza,amymont717,darla1211 For All The Great Graphics They Have Made Me Thank You So Much I Love Them All

Made By Me

(Thank u becky i love it)

(thank u hottamale211 i love it)

This is my Fav. one i've made

Thank You Irgenius (i love it)

Thanks crystalangel Love It

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bethyboo718 writes:

Hi can you make this in eth please...

girlsad writes:

hi my name is helen i love your pic i just add you to my frend list ok

nosheza writes:

Hi! I'm clearing out my friends list due to some people on gg being inactive, so if ur still active :) leave me a message



Oh an u might want to check this graphic of mine out: (clicky)

thankyouuu :)

rose. writes:

Hello may i have this tag with Rose?
Thanks in advance

shonna writes:

Please click and vote for the artist..thank you it's appreciated
Happy ST. Patty day to you and be safe...

beautiful5107 writes:

can u please make one with eddie

thank you
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