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underground music

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This club is for those who LOVE music. If you want to find more artists and share the love, AKA:your music, this is the club for you. Tell me of any bands you think others should know about and I'll prolly add them.

Underground Music - artists that not many know about and are rarely (if at all) played on national radio.
Owner- Hg

To join:
5.Description of Yourself!
6.P.S. I will use your avatar unless you give me a different code.
7.-8. You may include your fav band and fav genre
9. Add this club to your friends, lovers, or idols.

Find More Artists
If you like Flyleaf(or female rock singers) check out:
Eyes Set To Kill - "when eyes set to kill" means to be really determined and strive for what you believe in. An interesting smash of screamo and post-hardcore.
New Years Day - categorized as pop punk and incorporates elements of emo.
Free Downloads
Fireflight - played in Shoutfest and have been featured on The Scars Remain tour.

If you like Cute Is What We Aim For check out:
Awake and Dreaming - Songs that simply make you want to sing along and move.
Relient K - Release of Five Score And Seven Years Ago debuted at #6 on The Billboard 200 in 2007.
The Maine - Melodic lines and infectious hooks is what The Maine is about.

If you like Paramore check out:
VersaEmerge - best described as a creepy verison of paramore.
Free Downloads

If you like Mayday Parade check out:
The Matches - The band had collaborations with several bands like Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance,Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Starting Line, MXPX and others.
Free Downloads

If you like BrokenCYDE check out:
Dot Dot Curve - Alternative, screamo, and some techno. Project of ‘Spanky’from the two similar groups known as “Scene Kidz”, and “SnapKracklepop”.
Dropping A Popped Locket - Electronic, screamo. Now with free downloads to cover like If You Seek Amy.
Free Downloads
High Five Drive By - A semi new band. With the newest song called The Game.
Free Downloads

If you like Nevershoutnever check out:
Nickasaur! - A regular kid who sings cute songs and remakes covers.
Free Downloads
Owl City - If your household appliances wrote love songs while you were away on vacation, It would sound like this.
Free Downloads
To Be Juliet's Secret - A group of teens who know how to sing and use computers.

Alternative Techno:
Watchout! There's Ghosts - Jordan Blake formely from A Skylight Drive, switches it up with techno in this band.
Breathe Carolina - The mind of two young musicians makes up the band. Listen to there new cover of Miley Cryus's See You Again!
Free Downloads

Alternative Rock:
Eatmewhileimhot! - This band formely know as Mister Owl is created by Christopher Drew aka NeverShoutNever. Every song has a different genre and tone.
Disciple - A rock band with a little metal. Each song reaches a different level of rock.
Marianas Trench - a punk rock band with attitude. Similar to Blink 182.

Lest I Fall - Metal rock and screamo all the way.

Undefined Genre:
Hollywood Undead - Slices of Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, and Rap. There newest song is "young".

Find More songs
Best Covers:
A Day To Remember - Over My Head(Cable Car) (Punk Rock/Screamo cover. by The Fray)
A Day To Remember - Since U Been Gone (Punk Rock/Screamo cover. by Kelly Clarkson)
Alesana - What Goes Around... (Rock/Screamo cover. by Justin Timberlake)
Attack Attack! - I Kissed a Girl (Techno/Screamo cover. By Kate Perry)
Dope - You Spin Me Right Round (Rock cover. By Dead or Alive)
Framing Hanley - Lollipop (Rock/Pop cover. by Lil Wayne)
In Fear and Faith - Gangsta's Paradise (Rock/Screamo cover. by Coolio)

Nickasaur - Coconut Juice (Pop/Techno cover. By Tyga)
Paramore - My Hero (Rock cover. By Foo Fighters)
Surrender The Dance Floor - Just Dance (Rock/techno/Screamo cover. by Lady Gaga)

Recommended Rock:
Danger Radio - Slow Dance with a Stranger(recommended by alexiagore)
Family Force Five - Love Addict(recommended by xx•єmσ•aηğєℓ•xx)
Go:Audio - She Left Me(recommended by sexcii dino bish)
Red - Fight Inside(recommended by lauralush)
Rides Again- Infected(recommended by a7xrica)
Skillet - Hero(recommended by lauralush)
Skillet - Rebirthing(recommended by xx•єmσ•aηğєℓ•xx)

Recommended Hardcore/Screamo:
Black Veil Brides - Knives and Pens(recommended by lauralush)
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Daniel, Where's The Boat?(recommended by hollistergirl)

Recommended Electronica:
Greg Kurka - Selena Gomez(recommended by hollistergirl)
Sean Goes Pop! - Dirt(recommended by hollistergirl)
Subscene - Girls Want A Dance Party, Boys Wanna Mosh(recommended by hollistergirl)
The Undercard - Close The Curtain(recommended by hollistergirl)
30h!3 ft Alex Gaskarth and Juliet Simms - Careless whisper(recommended by emobea_berry)

Recommended Pop:
Cash Cash - Party In Your Bedroom(recommended by hollistergirl)
Eleventyseven - Love In Your Arms(recommended by hollistergirl)
Mika - Lollipop(recommended by xx•єmσ•aηğєℓ•xx)
Trading Yesterday - Shattered(recommended by lauralush)
Gives You Hell (SAMPLE) - All-American Rejects(recommended by emo khid)

Recommended Alternative:
Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight(recommended by lauralush)

Download whole ablums FREE! New ablums and artists added daily.

by lauralush

.................................Graphic Designer
= Clickie Maker
.................................Advertiser = Introductor For The Club, Recruiter
.................................Contest Maker = Formulates Contests For The Club
.................................Wisher = Greeting Members On Their Birthdays
.................................Welcomer = Welcome Members
.................................Gossiper = Will Be The One Spreading News To The Members
.................................Member = Here to be in the club(no job)


Underground Music Supports:

Friends: members of the club
Lovers: Owner, Co. Cowner && supported clubs
Enemies: Underground Music Channels
Idols: Staff members that are doing there jobs :)

total members: 36

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emobea_berry writes:

hi.zup? :))

Long tym no chat,.

xhollehx writes:

1.Name: Holly
2.Birthday: 3-23-96
3.Country: Philippines
4.Job: Graphic maker
5.Description of Yourself: Music Lover (can't sleep without a headset), unpredictable, quiet but at times loud, always online (but not when school days),
love playing instruments like guitar (electric and acoustic),
keyboard, piano, drums, and lyre (i also play bass guitar)
Fav. bands: MAYDAY PARADE, matchbook ROMANCE,
Yellowcard, Blink 182, Fm static, Fall out boys, Sum 41,
and Boys like Girls

added you to my idol

sleekgraphics writes:

1.Name: Carina
2.Birthday: 27 July
3.Country: United Kingdom
4.Job: Graphic Designer
5.Description of Yourself!: Gothic, Funny, Love Music,
Fave Bands are Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence and Eisblume
Added Yah To Lover!

cldrules writes:

owl city and hollywood undead are not underground.

hollistergirl writes:

Tell me if you want to be the owner of this club. Till then this club is inactive

angelwings55 writes:

Иαмɛ: Δмɛℓια
βιятн∂αʏ: 15тн Ɖɛcɛмвɛя
Ɔσʋитяʏ: Ʋиιтɛ∂ Ƙιиɢ∂σм
Ĵσв: мɛмвɛя
Ɖɛƨcяιρтισи: Ɩ ℓσʌɛ иɛσи cσℓσʋяƨ, Ɩ нαʌɛ α ριиκ ɛℓɛcтяιc ɢʋιтαя, Ɩ ℓσʌɛ тωιℓιɢнт, αи∂ Ɩ ℓʋʌ мʋƨιc αи∂ ɢσιи 2 ραятιɛƨ!
Ғαʌɛ βαи∂ƨ: мcя (мʏ cσмρℓɛтɛ ғαʌɛ), ραяαмσяɛ, ɢяɛɛи ∂αʏ, ℓα∂ʏ ǤαǤα αи∂ αʌяιℓ ℓαʌιɢиɛ

iluvu_ranneka writes:

I want to join.
Name: Anneka
Birthday: December 17, 1999
Country: Philippines
Job: Clickie Maker
About Me: I can't live without music and I don't really trust love
Fave Bands: Boys Like Girls; Paramore; We The Kings; 3OH!3

emobea_berry writes:

is this club still on?.
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