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"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."


Birthday: 1985-05-23
Joined: 2007-07-21
Location: Arizona

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***mY nAMe iS:***

MOST of tHe gRaPHicS i UplOAd aRe mADe bY Me!

I am 22 years old
I have a husband who loves me with all his heart
I love my husband more than anything
My husband is in the US NAVY
He is currently in Iraq for a ONE YEAR deployment
I know what “true love” truly is thanks to my husband
I can’t wait to have children and a family of my own
I have an amazing brother and a beautiful sister
I have the best family anyone could ever ask for
I want to be successful by my own definition: not the world's
I am a college student
My major is Mechanical Engineering
I prefer intelligence over beauty
I have strong opinions
I am willing to alter those opinions, given convincing facts
I have made many mistakes, but I have learned from them all
I have learned not to give out trust so freely
I tend to favor certainties over risk taking
I like to plan things rather go on a whim
I value quality over quantity
I like to follow the rules and feel guilty when I don’t
I hate hot weather
I work hard to reach the goals I set before myself
I love rain and the smell it leaves behind
I prefer alternative music but I like almost anything
I think men in uniform are sexy studs
I drive really fast
I have an instinct for all things technological
I couldn’t live without my computer
I love playing my Wii
I like having meaningful conversations
I am addicted to Myspace
I love raspberry margaritas
I like going to movies, especially comedies
I like designing and building things
I am a dreamer at heart

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xlizzyx writes:

Hey doing a fall cleaning,
for those who are inactive,
if you plan on returning
& would like me to re-add you,
just send me a comment
letting me know, thanks :)

Have a great day :)


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