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""Go Easy, Go Well, Go Safe.....Tiptoe Softly Through My Life And Leave Me Only Gentle, Happy Memories""


Birthday: 1969-01-17
Joined: 2009-03-04
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: PA

Uploads: 6993
Layouts: 0

Mood: It's all good! :)
Last Login: March 13th.
Graphics: I accept requests anytime!
Joined GG: 3/4/2009
Official Artist: 5/11/13
Current theme: St. Patty's Day, Easter, Spring, Random
Favorite Designers: Monro Designs, Elisa Designs, Medi, LisaK, Lia
Favorite Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Teal
Special Days: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Everyday Of Fall & Football Season, My Birthday, My Wedding Anniversary.

Comments (7485)

tawfikiya writes:

Wish you a great day
Hugs Tito

brennybren writes:

x ♥ Hello Belle ♥ x
Hoping that everything is going well...both for you
and all of those you care about.

Have a wonderful Weekend

Sending lots of love your way
x ♥ ♥ x ♥ x ♥ ♥ x


brennybren writes:

This is lovely Belle! x

Thank you very much for this cutie xxx

pbragg2 writes:

Hi Belle, I love you fall GG page! Too cute! Have a great fall weekend. The leaves in WV are beautiful right now. I just don't care for the cooler temps. I will be anxiously awaiting summers return! ;) Julie

andaluzja writes:

Hello Dear Belle!
Big hugs for you,Ania!

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Belle,

Although I love your work,
& appreciate the time you took
in making the last graphic you made for me,
I don't accept any halloween graphics
on my page or to vote/comment on,
like witches, bats, etc.,
as explained on my page,
only autumn/fall graphics
for this time of year,
& was wondering if you would
be so kind as to delete it for me,
& hope that this doesn't deter you
from making me graphics in the future,
thanks bunches.

Love the font you used on that teddy
bear though, it's pretty :)

Have a great weekend :)


nelly2000 writes:

Thank you for the teddy graphics you made for me.The graphics are really super cute, I love the teddy bear.

Did the two graphics made for you as Clicky now.

Have a sweet Day

happy_guy writes:

Good day to you my friend, a wish for you
I send ... that you will have a happy day filled
with sunshine and good cheer. May your heart
be content ... come what may.

With today's busy lifestyles, it is alll too easy to put
relationships on the backburner and take them for granted.
Even though you may have every intention of spending
regular time with your loved ones, hectic schedules get
in the way and you end up running in every direction
except towards each other.

You know that your personal relationships are paramount
to personal fulfillment. Be sure to set some time aside
each week to rediscover the people that mean most to you.
Be along with that person, talk,enjoy your time together
and renew your relationship.

After all, in this life, your loved ones are what really
matters . Who you are is not determined by what
people may say or do nor by any one event in your life
but by what lives inside of you. Greet every new day with
purpose . Live in each moment before it is gone.
Hold on tight to hope with both hands and keep walking
forwards as life goes. Your belief determines your actions
and your action determines your results, but first you
have to believe. Have a great day!.

Jaya Francis

e-mail: (ssjay19@streamyx.com)

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