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""Go Easy, Go Well, Go Safe.....Tiptoe Softly Through My Life And Leave Me Only Gentle, Happy Memories""


Birthday: 1969-01-17
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Location: PA

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Favorite Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Teal
Special Days: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Everyday Of Fall & Football Season, My Birthday, My Wedding Anniversary.

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fran writes:

Hello my Sweet Angel,
Thank you so much for this gorgeous tag. I absolutely love it and love you more.
I hope you're doing well...have a Happy Thursday Angel.
Sending you lots of Hugs,

jczbabydoll writes:

So Pretty in Pink, thanks again for the cute surprise, it's going on my page now, I Love It :)


jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Belle,

Okay, what name did you want on it? It's this one:

Sure thing, will do, thanks for loving my work, as I do yours too :)
I did get your email & will reply asap, thanks for letting me know. Thank you for the Pretty in Pinks surprise spring tag sweetie, will vote & comment as soon as it appears, I Love It :) Have a fab week also, thank you.

Hope your enjoying a very....

Luv & Hugs

jane writes:

I am writing this letter to all of you so I don’t have to do a different one for each of my friends. I wanted to let you all in on my experiences with my Eye Drs . The past few months. The 1st one I went to with an eye infection I thought. He gave me a salve, but said next time I’d see a Specialist as I had Squamous cell cancer in my right eye. I almost fell off the chair. For the next two weeks that is all I could think of, I was so scared what might happen. When I returned, he sounded happy and said it was gone. I said did I have cancer? He said well, would you have come back if I didn’t tell you that???? I was so dumfounded I couldn’t speak. The next visit, I had another Dr. I told them of the last one and what he did to me. This Dr was odd too. He looked in my eyes, took notes, etc., back and forth, then got up and walked out the door. I figured he went to get something as he never mentioned the issues with my eyes. I heard a nurse say are you finished with them (Ron and I)? He said Yes!! We just looked at each other. Later we found out he had been reported by another patient. Ron called and complained about my visits there.I mean I am Diabetic, have diabetic neuropathy, bleeding behind both eyes, I see dots of colored lights and floaters and dark spots blocking my vision. I deserved to know what he saw or found. So the lady said bring her in Friday at 10 am. We went and it was super busy, we waited about ½ hr or 45 min, but since they fit me in it was ok. The exam was so thorough, never had one like this before. They injected a dye in me that get to your brain in 5 seconds. Wow! I saw lights so bright looking into those machines that it hurt. It was like looking into the sun. They put all sorts of drops in my eyes to numb them. The left eye they did laser on and the right one, OUCH they put a needle in it. When I heard they were doing that it did make me quite nervous. She kept saying close your eyes after each set of drops and the last time I heard open your eyes, it was the Dr. who walked in that I couldn’t see. I opened
my eyes and he jabbed a needle in and I jerked and went to the left, lol, he patted me and laughed and said you’re ok. Man that hurt and he got me off guard. I have to go back June 1st and will get the laser on right eye and the needle and all the stuff on the other one. Not looking forward to that. Anyway, long story short, I know too late, I am having issues with my eyes, seeing clearly through my lights, floaters and dark spots Blocking out my vision. I am not on GG or FB a lot, need to rest my eyes. I get on GG more, FB is not interesting anymore to me. They are to put a dating site on it did you hear? Crazy. So, please forgive me for not visiting much or being around. I get here as often as I can. Sorry this was so long, but wanted to explain to you all what my eyes are going Through. You don’t have to read it all, but if you are reading that part now, you are done, lol. I’ll visit when I can, keep me in your prayers if you would so I don’t lose my Eye sight. My diabetes hasn’t been under control in years. My family dr. wants me to See a Neurologist as she thinks I had a mini stroke. What next? Ok, I’m done, thanks For taking time to read this. Not sure why it’s underlining things and making capital letters so often on left side??? Have a great night, hugs to you all.

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Belle,

Thank you for voting & commenting on my current offer, if you'd like one, what name would you like on it? Leave your reply on my page, as I'll be making & uploading them soon, thanks again :)
Hope your week is going great so far & that your enjoying a beautiful...

Happy Wednesday sweetie :)


fran writes:

Hello Sweetie Pie,
I'm doing well and I hope you are too. No need to apologize Sweetie, life is busy and sometimes we don't always get to do what we enjoy. So, whenever you can stop by...it's a joy to my heart.
Yes, I definitely love my tag and your background...perfect. I can't wait to get more goodies from you too...I do love your work.
You're welcome for you tag too Sweetie...so glad you love it.
Sending you lots of Love your way.

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Sweetie,

I sure like my tag & am looking forward to using it soon, I Love It :)
I thought you've been gone awhile, good to see you back & your beautiful creations again. I hear ya on time sure flying...
I got your email, & have since replied back, hope you got it.
Hope you got caught up on your tag groups like you wanted too.
Your always in my thoughts also & hope all is well your way too. Hope you had a beautiful sunday & that....

Take care & Hugs,

robbie4 writes:

Hi Sweetie thankyou for your Email I love everything :-) xoxo

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,
Thank you so much for this adorable Spring tag. I absolutely love and love you bunches.
I already have my cutie on my page...I just love it.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Love you Angel,

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