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""Go Easy, Go Well, Go Safe.....Tiptoe Softly Through My Life And Leave Me Only Gentle, Happy Memories""


Birthday: 1969-01-17
Joined: 2009-03-04
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: PA

Uploads: 7188
Layouts: 0

Mood: Feelin' Okay! :)
Last Login: Feb.14th.
Graphics: I accept requests anytime!
Joined GG: 3/4/2009
Official Artist: 5/11/13
Current theme: Winter, Random
Favorite Designers: Monro Designs, Elisa Designs, Medi, LisaK, Lia
Favorite Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Teal
Special Days: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Everyday Of Fall & Football Season, My Birthday, My Wedding Anniversary.

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sparkles17 writes:

Well it's balck friday a great time to go shopping early! My friend and I are going around 9:00 cuz I have to go to the bank and pull out some money. I'm so excited I can't wait! Are you gonna go shopping today?


canadiangal writes:

Hi there..:)

Your so very welcome, I love to show respect to the ones that work hard to make us graphics!.. and your one of them..Thank you so much for your time, effort, and most of all your friendship,

I hope you take request on the ones that i have picked out..:) if not thats ok too!..

Take care, Talk to you real soon...

canadiangal writes:

Hi There! Hope you had a wonderful ThanksGiving!

anaterium writes:

Wishing you a beautiful thankgiving my dear friend

tawfikiya writes:

You are in my heart
Hugs Tito

shonna writes:

Hi there Belle,
do hope you have yourself a wonderful safe thanksgiving week and do hope it turns out great thanks for being a friend to me on here I am thankful for that and I do hope you are doing ok Belle..thanks...

canadiangal writes:

Loving your graphics girl. :) Wish u was taking request...:( Hugs Maggie,

rosio91 writes:

May this day be full of joy,peace and love for you and your love ones. It is also to thank God for all the good or bad that has happen in our life's. I hope you eat alot of turkey lol and take care and be save:)

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