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""Go Easy, Go Well, Go Safe.....Tiptoe Softly Through My Life And Leave Me Only Gentle, Happy Memories""


Birthday: 1969-01-17
Joined: 2009-03-04
Status: artist
Country: United States
Location: PA

Uploads: 7314
Layouts: 0

Mood: Feelin' Okay! :)
Last Login: July 23rd.
Graphics: I accept requests anytime!
Joined GG: 3/4/2009
Official Artist: 5/11/13
Current theme: Summer, Random
Favorite Designers: Monro Designs, Elisa Designs, Medi, LisaK, Lia
Favorite Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Teal
Special Days: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Everyday Of Fall & Football Season, My Birthday, My Wedding Anniversary.

Comments (7807)

jczbabydoll writes:


For getting back with you, thanks for doing the same.
Your also welcome for the compliment on your graphics..Aw, don't sell yourself short, your graphics are TOTALLY AWESOME, I appreciate you sharing your talent with us. Thanks for the compliment on my work & also your kind words on my modding :)
That's cool, as I also use Lunapic.com. I hear ya on only being able to upload 2 images at a time. That's also neat what you were able to do with your old program. Sorry that the coffee graphic didn't come out to your liking even after adding the text...Lol on it taking you weeks to just piece together. Hope you get your new pc & paint program soon, so everything you use to use will work out like you want it too & you can create like use to too =) It's okay, glad you shared, will keep the matter in prayer, so it works out for you asap.
Your welcome again for stopping by, thanks for the same, as it's always good hearing from you a;so..Take care & have a fab Friday :)

Much Luv to you too,

robbie4 writes:

Hi Belle Sweetie, THANKYOU for the new Clipart you
sent me I loved it! I wasn't sure if I had Emailed
you back and feel terrible as I may have forgotton
to, with so much going on with dealing with the loss
of my Mum its been hard going, but here I am slowly
getting back into my Graphic Making, which I do love
to do. Hope things are going well for you XOXOXO
Love Robbie

brennybren writes:

Hi there Belle :)
Hope you had a lovely Valentines day on the 14th ♥ whether with your loved one, a lovely pet :D
or family and friends ♥
Wishing you a great weekend:)
(((((Sending hugs your way)))))

jczbabydoll writes:

Hi Sweetie,

My family & I are doing pretty good, hope you & yours are too, thank you :)
Your welcome for stopping by & leaving my valentine's post, thanks for replying back :)
Jeff & I had a great valentine's day, hope you & your hubby did too!! :D
Glad to hear your doing well these days, even though your still coping with the loss of your grandfather & friend, it's good that things are getting easeir with the passage of time...same here with losing my dad this past summer...
Cool that your getting things done & spending time with family & friends. It's okay that you haven't been around much, as I know you've been dealing with alot lately, so no worries. I can imagine you not being in the creative spirit lately either, especially with your programs crashing, praying you can get a new computer soon, as I love & miss you & your work...Don't blame ya for not wanting to download anything in your old computer now, since you don't have the memory space & all. Glad you still get to visit your tag sites when you want too though, that's a plus :)
Aw, thanks, I wish you nothing but the best too dear friend, as your always in my thoughts also...Sure will, & you take care of yourself also, much love always to you too, thank you...

& weekend :)


shakela writes:

Hello dear Belle...just stopping by your page and leaving some love for you, sweets! Hope your Valentine's Day turned out to be super nice and that you had a joyful day! Wishing you days of love ahead and a great weekend. Take care and God bless, sweets!

XOXO ~ Shakela



fran writes:

Hello Sweetie Pie,
I hope you're doing well and enjoying your Valentine's Day!
I saw this adorable tag and if you're taking request, may I have one please?
Thank you Angel, have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.
Love you,

fran writes:

Hello Sweetie,

May your day be full of Love, Joy and Happiness.
Love you Sweetie,

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